Two days in Paris

Canal saint martin

Last week we were invited to the most lovely wedding in Paris, a perfect occasion to spend some time together in one of the most beautiful city of Europe. Our friends Zoe and Mathieu got married in the magnificent Mairie of Montmartre, a few minutes walk from our hotel. Funny how I completely rediscovered Montmartre. I’ve been blown away by the beauty of its buildings, narrow streets and stairs.

I had prepared a massive plan of attack for the few hours we had to wander around (in between glasses of champagne, hooray!). Unfortunately we didn’t get to do all the things I had foreseen. But still, we managed to discover a couple of pretty cool spots to eat & shop around the Canal Saint-Martin and Pigalle.

la buvette gastrothèquela buvette gastrothèquela buvette ParisHotel AmourHotel Amourle rocketship parismesdemoiselles madeleinespopelini


La Buvette: Most probably my favorite find of the weekend. If you want to feel you’re in New-York while actually being in Paris, that’s were you want to go (it’s no surprise La Buvette in Paris has a big sister in Greenwich Village). This bistro-like restaurant serves great and authentic food. The chicken pie I had was simply delicious! And I heard the brunch was quite impressive as well.

Le Rocketship: A pretty housewares boutique and café, footsteps away from La Buvette.

Brunch at Hotel Amour: Cafe Marlette was full on Sunday so we had to find an alternative. We found it in the super hipstery Hotel Amour. Oh these pancakes!

Popelini: Des petits choux et encore des petits choux. Couldn’t choose bewteen the strawberry, salted butter or lemon one. Took them all… mmmmh

Mesdemoiselles Madeleines: In front of Popelini’s petits choux, you’ll find the same concept but for the famous madeleines. Again couldn’t choose, tried them all.


LiberteCanal saint martinliberte parisliberte paris

Canal St-Martin

Patisserie Liberté: Along the pretty little streets of the Canal Saint Martin lies this beautiful patisserie. Stop there for a little break and don’t forget to taste their famous lemon pie (the cheesecake is to die for as well btw).

Artazart Bookstore: I told you about it last time but couldn’t resist mentioning it here again. We spent at least an hour flicking through the pages of their beautiful selection of design books.


Gilles marchal


Papier Tigre: The famous boutique for clever objects and paper.

Gilles Marchal: We stumbled across this cute patisserie on a corner of Montmartre. The Chef is extraordinarily nice and bakes amazing pastries like these Vanilla brioche and chocolate madeleine.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Paris. I hope I’ll be going back there soon enough!

Ps: For more hotspots in Paris, see other favorites here.

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    April 2nd, 2015

    Donne trop envie!!!!! :)

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    April 7th, 2015


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