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Today I read this article about Etsy’s amazing headquarters in Brooklyn and felt this had to be my next career move. I mean what else to hope for in life really? Yes, Etsy, this is an official submission to you: Would you like to hire a smart, funny and decidedly curious woman? Pleeease say you do.

In the meantime dear readers (and in order to let the Etsy team think about my proposal a little bit), I’m leaving you with some of my latest finds for the home on the platform.  Enjoy and have a fantastic evening! xoxo.
Etsy selection
Leather mouse pad – Koncept // Organic entree plates – Urban Cartel // Wooden breadboard – Studio Orijin // Paperclip desk organizer – Gallivanting Girls // Wall hook – Light and Ladder // Gold lip dish – Up In The Air Somewhere // Vase – Snug Studio // Cutting boards – Cattails Woodwork

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