House Doctor – Everyday 2011 Collection

house doctor

Let me introduce to an amaaaazing Danish home decoration brand: House Doctor. I spotted it some time ago and cannot resist to share with you their amazing new spring/summer collection. They make pretty much everything from furniture to papers, glasses, boxes, lighting, plates, textiles for every single room in the house and even outside. Love their style so much, I think I could buy their whole new collection! See by yourself, here is a small selection from their beautiful new catalog… What do you think?!


house doctorNow not easy to find one single place to buy the collection online or in Belgium. They really should gather all online shops in one section of their website (House Doctor? pleeease!). But here is what I know: in Belgium you can find some House Doctor’s items (so few) at Zao (Rue du Bailli in Ixelles near Place du Chatelain). Online I found different sites, not one in english : ( and I think the new collection is not available yet. Anyway here they are:

See youuu!

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  1. April 8th, 2017

    Hey! Def go to the mall and run wild! Haha but seriously it is cool besauce I remember the first one started here in NYC 2 years ago and now cities nationwide are participating. Sept 8th is Fanh;os&#8217is Night Out everywhere so make sure you mark your calendar!

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