Gift guide for sweet little monsters

Christmas is nearly there and I have to admit I’m in a middle of “Christmas gifts crisis” i.e. I have nothing in my bag so far! Thinking of it, it might be because every time I see something I buy it… for me :) Yes I know, I knooow that is so uncool! :(

Anyway, this being said, I was looking for an idea for my little beloved nephew and I found some lovely things for boys and girls. So here is a selection, hope it will inspire you somehow.

1. Blue babyplane – 7.90€ / 2. Bobble and Bow necklace – 57€ / 3. Rocking chair (available in yellow and blue) – 395€ / 4. Elephant cushion – 30€ / 5. Little nutty helmet for small daredevils (exists in different designs) – 73.3€ / 6. Colorful chabada pull-along – 23.7€ / 7. Amazing teepee (btw check this store I love everything in it!) – 110€ / 8. Wooden elephant quite expensive for a child but still beautiful for your home 😉 – 185€ / 9. A blue duffle coat for strong little boys – from 120€ / 10. Pink layered tights – from 12.50€ / 11. Monkey nightlight, so adorable (think I saw some at Nature et Découverte in Brussels as well – 33.3€ / 12. Offer your gifts in cute Christmas personalized bags – 18€ for a pack of 12

And two interesting books I came across (in French), the first one is a serie of books where kids can draw by themselves to illustrate funny texts about martians, fairies, monsters, kings and queens or even grandfather’s ears (6€). A funny way for them to interpret the story. The other is a personalized book where children are literally heroes of the story. Their name and pictures are included in the book (from 29.50€). Really cute!

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  2. December 17th, 2010

    Thank you so much for including our gift bags in your gift guide!

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