Brussels Happening – Festival des Métiers Hermès

Hermes festival des métiers

Almost missed it! Last weekend, Hermès held an exhibition, or more a kind of ‘rendez vous’ with all their artisans, craftmen and women. Those people who made the quality, exclusivity and reputation of Hermès over the years are just amazing. ‘Hand-crafting’ all ties, watches, shirts, bags, silk scarves and jewelry with such devotion, precision and patience. What a mind blowing experience! My mom and I loved it, we spent an hour listening to their explanations, techniques, stories, backgrounds, asking questions from time to time. Hope to see more initiatives like this in the future, so refreshing and educational. I think the Festival in on tour and next stop is Paris, worth checking!

HermesAs my camera left me down on Saturday, I have to thank my mom : ),  Sweet Harvest Moon and Geoffroy from Elle Belgique blog for the beautiful pictures of the exhibition.

Have a lovely evening! xoxo

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