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100 layer cake

Here is my ultimate source of inspiration, my favorite blog ever! That blog is sooo good, most of you probably know it already. 100 Layer Cake is a blog created by 3 creative women. It is full of beautiful wedding pictures and it is a mine of creative ideas. From pretty papers and save the date cards to decors, flowers, dresses and small gorgeous ceremony details, everything is there to inspire you! You, people who are getting married soon but also for the others, the creative ones and the dreamers. That blog will just make you happy!

Now, as I already have a huge fantastic list of Layer Cake’s ideas for my wedding, this is a message to all my friends who will get married before me: pleeease don’t look at that blog in depth and don’t take too much ideas from it! : )

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

100 layer cake

ps: Tomorrow (Saturday 23rd), there is an exhibition at the Hotel Bloom in Brussels. You will discover more than 18 rooms taken by various art performers, photographers and designers from 6pm to 23pm. Looks exciting, will try to go! More info on the website Art’n BLOOM.

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