2011 Calendar Roundup

New year is now knocking at our door and I though it was the right time to do a little roundup of 2011 calendars. There might be several rounds as I cannot show you all beautiful calendars existing out there at once. What I really like about most of them is that they are soooo pretty they can easily be turned into framed art the year after. Anyway, here is my first selection:

  1. The colorful calendar from Linda & Harriett. Every single month is made for cutting and sending at the end of it
  2. The calendar “Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar” introduces strange sentences every month
  3. Two vintage calendars from YeeHaw Industrial Letterpress shop all printed on recycled paper
  4. Gold calendar with  hand-drawn geometric shapes from SeeSaw
  5. A chalkboard wall calendar (vinyl decal) from SimpleShapes
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