This weekend I will…

Drink a couple of cocktails like this…

Sleep exactly like this…

Decorate my wall with this (still looking for the killing quote)…

And cook something that will (hopefully) look like this…

What will YOUR weekend look like???

Cocktail and glasses – A Subtle Revelry / Sleeping cat – Rea Elle’s Tumblr account / Wall Art – Annie McElwain / Tarte fine aux pommes and recipe – Payette Cuisine

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11 Responses to This weekend I will…

  1. Jerick says:

    That cocktail looks delicious – and the glass are very cute :-)

    Should be a good Monday meeting report for you then. :)

  2. Thonimperial says:

    M’enfin le chat il me donne trop envie! C’est dingue!

  3. amelie says:

    TV evening, pick up fallen leaves, playing games with friends around a good rum…Look like an autumn weekend…

  4. Axelle says:

    Ce que j’aime découvrir des jolis blogs bruxellois !

  5. lollipop says:

    i agree ;-)
    chocolate + tea + friends
    staying inside btw…

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